• SIPS - Gingerbread-tini

  • It's holiday time and frankly since Thanksgiving I haven't stopped noshing, sipping and overeating.  I've thrown all caution to the wind and just plan on indulging right on through New Year's Eve.  I am planning on the January diet so until then, I'm just going to eat, drink and enjoy.  Here's a SIP[...]
  • SIPS - The Aurum Manhattan

  • Vernon Duke's heartfelt and melancholy song  "Autumn in New York" is the perfect listen for homesick New Yorkers this time of year. The song was originally written for the Broadway musical Thumbs Up!  My favorite version was recorded by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Listen. Short of being in[...]
  • Behind The Lens: Seedhouse Photography

  • Fall is most definitely in the air! The frost has begun to make it's morning appearance on the lawn and the second blanket is ready at the foot of the bed for warding off the cooler nights.  The bright blue Colorado skies make a spectacular backdrop to the golden aspens and allow for some of the bes[...]
  • SIPS - The Spritz

  • All new this month, I am deputing SIPS; a specialty cocktail blog post for each month of the year.  Happily, I have both my own experience with some really great SIPS and will also be drawing great cocktail ideas from some of my favorite friends, clients and caterers to contribute to this series of [...]
  • Behind The Lens: Danielle Zimmerer

  • This month, our BEHIND THE LENS series welcome's my friend and fabulous photographer, Danielle Zimmerer  to our blog!  She is one fabulous and vivacious woman with a true gift of connecting with her clients, and well, just about everyone she meets.  Her laid back, fun-loving personality puts everyon[...]