• Three Tips for Brides on a Budget - Desserts

  • This weeks post will focus on saving a few bucks on dessert costs.  While food is one category I personally LOVE to splurge on, it's often an area where brides are wiling to be creative.  Creativity can lead to savings if you focus on providing interesting options for your guests. 1. Serve pies i[...]
  • (Wedding) March to Your Own Beat!

  • Often I stand at the wedding rehearsal and although we have already planned the order of the processinal,  there is always some jockeying for positions down the aisle.  Here is a simple guide for getting everyone down the aisle so that the ceremony can begin! Here is The Main Event's twist on the[...]
  • Flowers for April

  • I love an April wedding!  It always harkens to the beginning of when Spring really gets off the ground.  Recently we planned an April wedding for a couple whose wedding colors were orange and yellow.  It was all so bright and cheery and wonderfully complimented by the flowers that Alpine Floral help[...]
  • Catherine & Danny

  • Catherine was a dream bride not only because of her incredible beauty, poise and relaxed personality; but also because she came to me with a distinct vision.  I really appreciate when a bride knows what she wants on her wedding day.  It also makes my job as a planner much easier to have a bride who [...]