• Vintage Glam Elopement

  • Trina and Alan were my last wedding of the fall season this year, and what a way to end the season!  The fall colors miraculously lasted for an unprecedented three weeks here in northwestern Colorado!  Their magical elopement was one of the most intimate and special weddings I have had the pleasure [...]
  • Rain on Your Wedding Day

  • I don't know if it's true or just a myth, but rain on your wedding day is said to be lucky for the couple and foreshadow a happy marriage.  I can tell you that it rained on my wedding day and I just celebrated fifteen (relatively) blissful years with my husband.  Since then, I have been lucky enough[...]
  • Using Scents to Enhance Your Parties

  • I am all about great scents.  I love finding new and unique fragrances that highlight the mood I am in, the time of year, the weather or even what I am wearing.  The sense of smell is an often overlooked sense but when employed properly, can add depth and interest to any experience.  Even some major[...]
  • Makeup for Brides

  • A good time to start thinking about your wedding makeup is about three to five months before your wedding day.  If you are having your makeup done professionally it is a must to have a consultation and trial.  Many brides come to make up sessions with a photograph of a model to show how they want th[...]
  • SIPS - Gingerbread-tini

  • It's holiday time and frankly since Thanksgiving I haven't stopped noshing, sipping and overeating.  I've thrown all caution to the wind and just plan on indulging right on through New Year's Eve.  I am planning on the January diet so until then, I'm just going to eat, drink and enjoy.  Here's a SIP[...]