• Behind The Lens: Cali Frankovic

  • Welcome back (Or, welcome, if you missed the first post for this series last month), to our new series of blog posts, BEHIND THE LENS, featuring Colorado Wedding Photographers.   The concept behind BEHIND THE LENS is to invite some of the top wedding photographers I have worked with over these many [...]
  • Behind the Lens: Paige Eden Photography

  • First, welcome to our new series of blog posts, BEHIND THE LENS.   My concept for this informative series is to invite some of my favorite photographers to share their perspective on shooting weddings from behind the lens of their camera.  Photographers see things that other vendors do not.  They ha[...]
  • Katie and Nate

  • Katie and Nate's wedding was full of surprises!  When I first asked Katie what colors she'd like for her wedding, she surprised me and said "All of them!"  It was then I knew that Katie would be one of my most favorite brides!  The deal was cinched when she told me she worked in the food industry an[...]
  • Leah & Kyle

  • If beauty shines from within, that would surely account for the glow that Leah and Kyle emitted on their wedding day.  Never before have I met such a sweet and loving couple.  As I got to know this couple, I knew the perfect spot for their first look.  I had driven up to the Midnight Ranch many time[...]
  • Jessica & Whitney

  • When I met Jessica and Whitney last December in a local coffee shop, I immediately thought,  these women are cool and I really want to plan their wedding.  Clearly bright, beautiful and outdoorsy, they also had a great balance between them.  Sort of like a yin and yang thing going.  Over the months [...]