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Sometimes you just want to get out and play!  Whether you are a large or small corporation, a national association or a private group, we’ll create a custom event that will promote bonding and bring out group spirit.  We believe that team play brings people closer together and translates into forming more positive and productive relationships.



This is The Main Event’s signature team building event for groups looking for an exciting and challenging adventure. The Amazing Steamboat Relay is our premier corporate team building event combining teamwork, quick thinking, and problem solving exercises with an historic tour of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  This event is perfect both for local businesses wishing to build rapport within their company and for visiting private or corporate groups looking to experience Steamboat from a unique perspective.  Best suited for groups of up to 60 participants.


This fast-paced, high-energy event focuses on team strategy.  This event can be customized from one hour to a full day. With a spectacular and exciting finish, the Apache Relay is sure to keep your participants on the edge of their seats and will be a day they’ll talk about for years to come. Best suited for groups of 50 – 300 participants.


Calling all campers!  Color War is a time honored sleep-away camp tradition in which two teams compete over the course of several days, fighting for their team’s glory.  Activities may include a track meet, swim meet, themed mural painting, and SING! This event can be structured as a one-day event or up to five full days of activities.  Color War can also easily be combined with The Apache Relay. Best suited for groups of 50 – 400 participants.



Teamwork, communication and strategy are used to collect treasures and get them safely to your team’s banker in this open field event.  At the end of the game, turn your gold into Main Event cash and use for A NIGHT AT THE RACES or a customized auction. Best suited for groups of 50 – 300 participants.



For a night that’s like no other, choose our live ice sculpting performance.  This unique show is a one of a kind customized experience for your group.  The performance combines art, video, sound and master ice sculpting, and is the perfect way to launch a new product, logo, brand, or retreat theme.  Choose from a variety of themed shows including Rock and Roll, The CEO Show, The Logo Reveal Show or a Custom Show. Best suited for groups 100 – 1000 participants.


If you’ve ever wanted too see your boss cluck like a chicken or your mother-in-law bark like a dog, this is a hilarious show is not to be missed!  The audience is entertained as friends and colleagues are transformed before your eyes. Best suited for groups of 25 – 200 participants.


Be mesmerized and amazed by the kind of magic that you loved as a kid.  This performance incorporates audience members so it’s interactive fun! Best suited for groups of 25 – 300 participants.


This musical performance will knock your socks off!  It’s a kaleidoscope of visual and musical entertainment that will inspire your group to jump out of their seats and celebrate. This performance includes acrobatics, world music, stilt walkers, and dance.  A joyous experience you will NEVER forget! Best suited for large groups over 500.



Get to know your fellow colleagues with a series of meet and greet exercises that are perfect for breaking the ice and building trust.  This experience can work as a stand-alone event or in between courses at your introductory dinner or conference. Best suited for groups of 25 – 300 participants.


Create an unforgettable musical experience for your group at your very own private concert.  We’ll book and produce a private concert at the location of your choice anywhere across the country. Choose from national headliners to regional favorites.   This private concert will be the show of a lifetime.  Our services include talent buying, contract negotiation and full production. Best suited for large groups over 200.


If your group is looking for the ultimate in motivation let The Main Event book a national or regional keynote speaker or celebrity figure for your next meeting or conference.  We will creatively pair just the right speaker to address any number of topics to motivate, educate and inspire your group.  From business leaders to entertainers, politicians to physicians, sports celebrities to spiritual leaders, we’ll help you to create a memorable event. Best suited for large groups over 200.


Thrills and laughs abound at an evening of horsing around.  Your favorite colleagues and managers will take a turn around the track as you bet on who will end up in the winner’s circle. Best suited for groups of 50 – 250 participants.


This indoor “bike” relay will leave you laughing all the way to the finish line. Teams will dress in costume and work together to assemble a tricycle that will then be used to compete against other teams in an out-of-the-box relay race. Have you ever seen an adult on a tricycle? Best suited for groups of 20 -100 participants.


Teams will prepare dishes in a timed, elimination cooking challenge while colleagues and friends watch and guess what each team will make, and sample their delicious (or disgusting) creation.  Best suited for groups of up to 20 participants and 100 audience members.

All experiences are customized for your group and are priced individually.  You will work with your dedicated in-house Event Planner to tailor each experience to meet your goals.

For more information, or for a customized corporate team building proposal please contact The Main Event at 303-570-6570.



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