Makeup for Brides

A good time to start thinking about your wedding makeup is about three to five months before your wedding day.  If you are having your makeup done professionally it is a must to have a consultation and trial.  Many brides come to make up sessions with a photograph of a model to show how they want their makeup to look. You may think that since you have the same eye and hair color as the model, that the makeup will be correct for you.  However, your skin tone could be completely different and the colors may not work with your particular complexion.  The same colors on you may look very different than they do on the model.  Whether you are using a professional makeup artist or doing the makeup yourself, always do a trial run and take photos both indoors and out to see how the make up will truly look from behind the camera lens.  As you apply your makeup keep in mind that the camera will wash you out just a bit, so it’s O.K. to go slightly heavier than you would normally.

That said, always start with light makeup application, you can always go darker, but it’s much harder to lighten up makeup that is too dark. Weeks before your wedding day makeup application, it’s a good idea to have an exfoliating facial so that your skin looks fresh and is clean.  Though it’s not recommended to have a facial within a few days of your wedding, you can have a gentle calming facial a day or two before the big day.

Before you apply any color to your skin, begin with a primer.  It fills in your skin and helps to keep your makeup smooth and to remain on the surface of your skin instead of settling in any fine lines.  The trick to primer is letting it dry completely before applying your foundation, so be sure to give it a few minutes to set.  Always apply foundation with a sponge and pat it on and then blend.  Only apply concealer after foundation, and only if you need it.  The more layers you apply, the more likely your results will be cakey. The only cake you want to see on your wedding day is on your plate!

Flash a big smile and get a bit cheeky!  That way you can see just where to apply your blush; on the part of your cheek that pops out a bit when you smile! Blend the color up towards your temple for a natural look.

If you are getting married in the summer choose light fresh colors like peach or pale pink. You can go with more dramatic colors  with hints of brown or red for an evening wedding or a fall or winter wedding.  It’s best to completely color in your lips (not just line them), with a lip liner that matches or is close to your lipstick shade.  This will give you much longer wear throughout all the photos and kisses, not to mention the food and drinks!

The smokey eye is very popular and a great look, but the doe eye look which exaggerates the top lashes with extensions really helps the eye pop.  Use an eyelash curler to make the most of your lashes.  For bright eyes use a light shimmer shadow in the inside corners of your lids.  Don’t forget to line your lash line and wear waterproof mascara for those inevitable tears of joy!  Apply your lash extensions or full set of lashes and then add a second coat of mascara.

Your brows play a bigger part of your overall makeup look than you might think, they frame your eyes and your whole face.  Be sure to have them properly groomed at least a few days before your wedding, especially if you are waxing.  Play up your brows by brushing in an eye shadow of the same color to fill in any thin spots and add a bit of drama. Using a shadow verses a brow liner gives you a much softer and more natural look.   You may also choose to have your brows tinted or dyed before the wedding day.  Your brows should be close match to your hair color or one shade darker.

For best results in your makeup application, keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing and drinking a ton of water.  The general rule is 1/2 an ounce for each pound of body weight.  So if you weigh 120 pounds drink about 8 cups of water a day.  If you like avocado, you can both eat it as well as mash it up and use it as a mask.  Avocado has wonderful fats that help your skin’s tone and general appearance.  Using a great moisturizer will keep your skin smooth and make the makeup you apply less cakey.    I recommend Origins Night-A-Mins  to help repair and moisturize your skin overnight.

Always pack a small makeup bag with lipstick, gloss, face powder and a bit of shadow for touch ups throughout your wedding day. And finally, smile (but make sure there is no lipstick on your teeth)!



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