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  • Leah & Kyle

  • If beauty shines from within, that would surely account for the glow that Leah and Kyle emitted on their wedding day.  Never before have I met such a sweet and loving couple.  As I got to know this couple, I knew the perfect spot for their first look.  I had driven up to the Midnight Ranch many time[...]
  • Jessica & Whitney

  • When I met Jessica and Whitney last December in a local coffee shop, I immediately thought,  these women are cool and I really want to plan their wedding.  Clearly bright, beautiful and outdoorsy, they also had a great balance between them.  Sort of like a yin and yang thing going.  Over the months [...]
  • Your Guest List - Easy as A,B,C

  • After you complete your budget, a guest list should be next on your wedding to do list.  It's important to have a general guest count before you choose your venue for a couple of reasons.  First, you'll want a venue that will be the right size for your number of guests.  If you have your heart set o[...]
  • Three Tips for Brides on a Budget - Desserts

  • This weeks post will focus on saving a few bucks on dessert costs.  While food is one category I personally LOVE to splurge on, it's often an area where brides are wiling to be creative.  Creativity can lead to savings if you focus on providing interesting options for your guests. 1. Serve pies i[...]